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I am offering an excellent variety of top quality Gymnastics accessories at great prices! You can reach each page by clicking on the buttons immediately below. I hope you enjoy my Gymnastics Accessories Galore pages and find that perfect Gymnastics book, pin, gift, jewelry item or video. Information on how to order can be found at the bottom of each page.



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Our supplier on gymnastcs teddies has discontinued their t-shirt gymnastics teddies and mini-critter gymnastics keychains. We are actively looking for a replacement supplier.

Olympic Gymnast Barbie Doll

We have acquired a limited supply of the 1996 Olympic Gymnast Barbie Dolls in their original boxes. These dolls were actually produced in 1995 as a Special Edition for the Atlanta Olympic Games. Each doll is in Mint condition and the boxes are in Very Good to Excellent condition.


Item #




1996 Olympic Gymnast Barbie. Mint In Box. Barbie is outfitted in a cool Atlanta 1996 gymnastics outfit with her own Atlanta 1996 Olympic shopping bag, hairbrush and a gold medal. Barbie also comes with a magic tumbling ring, so that you can make her somersault, cartwheel and tumble like a true champion! Licensed by the Atlanta Olympic Committee. Limited Supply.


Super Gymnast Barbie Doll

The Super Gymnast dolls were produced in 1995. Each doll is in Mint condition and the boxes are in Very Good to Excellent condition. Minor text differences may exist on each of the doll boxes.


Item #




1995 Super Gymnast Barbie. Mint In Box. Barbie is outfitted in a cool gymnastics outfit with her own magic tumbling ring, ribbons, hairbrush and a gold medal. Use the magic tumbling rings to make Barbie somersault, cartwheel and tumble like a true champion! Limited Supply.


Workin' Out Barbie Doll

The Workin' Out dolls were produced in 1996. Each doll is in Mint condition and the boxes are in Very Good to Excellent condition.


Item #




Workin' Out Barbie. Mint In Box. Barbie is outfitted in a cool workout outfit, aerobic shoes, suction cup shoes, water bottle, weights, doll-sized cassette tape player with headphones and an actual 2.5 minute workin' out music cassette.and with her own magic tumbling ring, ribbons, hairbrush and a gold medal. The suction cup shoes make working out easy! Limited Supply.



Please contact me if you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributor of Gymnastics accessories of any kind. I specifically need suppliers for bumper stickers, calendars, coffee mugs, decorative stickers, dolls, jewelry boxes, keychains, license plate holders, ornaments, patches, picture frames, porcelain figurines, posters, safety items, stationery, sweatshirts and t-shirts. I do not plan to carry costumes or equipment at this time.

Ordering Procedures

You may place your order by telephone by calling 800-778-8577 from 9AM to 6PM MST (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday. If the phone is answered "American International" (my Dad's business), you've reached the right place.

An order form can be obtained by calling, faxing, e-mailing or mailing me. The form will either be faxed to you, if you have a fax number or mailed to you, if you don't. Be sure to include your name, your phone number, your fax number (if available), e-mail address and mailing address with your request. A PDF formatted copy of the order form can also be e-mailed to you upon request.

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In Canada & Mexico!

All items are priced in U.S dollars. For U.S. customers I accept payment by personal check and money order or by American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. If you use a credit card please be sure to include the full card #, expiration date and 3-digit security code on the order form and sign the credit card authorization. Payment on foreign orders must be by certified bank check denominated in U.S dollars or by credit card.

Let that special gymnast in your life know that you care. We are delighted when we can send a Free Personalized Gift Card on gift orders. Simply include the personal message that you would like sent with your order. Your message will be inscribed on an attractive gift card to convey your special thoughts and wishes.

Our complete ordering procedures are listed on our How To Order Page. A sample order form that can be printed out on your own printer is available on our Order Form Page.

Thank You

Thank you for ordering from Gymnastics Accessories Galore. I know you will be pleased with the quality of the merchandise that you have ordered.


PS. Be sure to visit often. I will be adding to the excellent selection of books, gifts, jewelry, novelty items, pins, stationery, videos and other nifty gymnastics sports accessories on a regular basis!

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