Golden Moments of the Olympic Games

TWI 1996 - 4 Hours - NEW - List $29.95.
4 Video Set. Licensed by the International Olympic Committee. The modern Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of achievement in amateur athletics. Heir to a tradition dating back to Greek antiquity, the modern games have only been in existence for little more than a century. These videos examine the golden moments of the first 100 years of the modern Olympic movement. From the first modern competition in Athens in 1896 to the most recent games in Atlanta a century later, Golden Moments of the Olympic Games highlights the epic moments, the triumphs, the sorrows, the great rivalries, the record breaking performances and the defining moments of the Olympics. Contains previously unavailable footage from official IOC commissioned film records and archives. Volumes include Champions, Rivalries, Celebration and Winter Games. Item #: EV-005. Price: $22.50

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