The Olympics: The Road To Glory

TWI 1996 - 4 Hours - NEW - List $29.95.
4 Video Set. Licensed by the International Olympic Committee. The Olympics represent the pinnacle of athletic success, the supreme achievement of sports competition. For it is here, at the Olympics, that an athlete can bask in the glory of being the best in the world. The Road to Glory explores the history of some of the most popular Olympic events. Some sports like gymnastics, have been part of the Olympic program since the very first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Others, like basketball are more recent additions to the Olympic spectacle. Also included in this program are the Olympic history and the great moments of the most popular Winter Olympic events: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Speed Skating and Ice Hockey. This is the story of triumph and tragedy, of failure and success. It is the story of The Road to Glory. Volumes include Gymnastics, Basketball, Speedskating & Ice Hockey and Skiing Events. Item #: EV-006. Price: $22.50

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