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Please let us know when you establish a link to Gymnastics Clipart Galore and we will return the favor. Your support is really appreciated. Our Links Pages will be organized into the following categories:

Major North American Gymnastics Sites

Gymn Forum - An Outstanding Gymnastics Site. International Coverage.

Major International Gymnastics Sites

Gymnastiek Federatie Vlaanderen - Belgian Gymnastics Federation (Belgium)
Nederlandse Turnforum - An Extensive Dutch Language Gymnastics Forum (Netherlands)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Sites

Gymnastics Clubs & Teams

Abingdon Gymnastics Club - Nice Club Site, Calendar, Classes, Coaches & Results (UK)
Kunstturnerinnen-Riege Obersiggenthal - Local Swiss Gymnastics Federation Site (Switzerland)
Linda Bellingham's Gym Club Homepage - London Gymnastics Federation (UK)
Redcar Gymnastics Club - Interesting Club Site, Coaches, Events, Gallery (UK)

Commercial Gymnastics Sites

Carter's Gymnastics Academy - A Gymnastics Training Center In Mesa (AZ)
Gymnastic-Beams.com - Durable Balance Beams For Beginner to Advanced Gymnasts
Gymnastics Olympica USA - A Non-Profit Training Center In Van Nuys (CA)
Spirit Corner - Colorguard, Baton Twirling, Cheerleading, Dance, Drill Team & Gymnastics
The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester - Nice Training Center Website (NY)
Summit Gymnastics - Maple Valley Training Center Website (WA)

Official Gymnastics Sites

Amy Bagshaw - Int'l UK Gymnast - Competitions, Diary, Photos, Videos & More! (UK)

Personal Gymnastics Sites

Mrs. Mary Lee - Gymnastics Judge & Art Teacher (South Dakota)

Sports Directories & Other Sports Sites

Ice Skating Clipart Galore - 450+ Ice Skating, Hockey & Speedskating Images
Sports.Web.us - A Comprehensive Sports Related Information and Entertainment Directory

Family & Kid Safe Sites

Major Clipart & Graphics Sites

Clipartoday.com - An Extensive Categorized Directory of Clipart Sites
Desktop Publishing Com - Incredible Desktop Publishing & Clipart Links

Website Design Help Sites

FocalMedia.Net - Free High Powered Commercial CGI Scripts

Internet Directories & Search Engines

About.com Web Clip Art - Huge Hosted Internet Directory
Education World Web Directory - Great Education Resources
Geometry.Net - Education Resources Directory
PowerSeek - Build Your Own Search Engine
Web's Biggest - The World's Biggest Directory Search Engine

Other Non-Gymnastics Sites

Not Linked? Not Getting Enough Hits?

Let's help each other. Establish a link on your site to Gymnastics Clipart Galore and I will gladly establish a reciprocal link back to your site. I can't extend this offer to "adult" sites or sports gambling sites, but every general audience site is welcome! Once your link is established, e-mail me with the URL of the page that you want me to link to and I'll promptly return the favor. Here's two small logos you can use with the link, if you want to do so.

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Disclaimer - A Note From Lisa's Dad

As parents we have a responsibility to supervise our children when they access the Internet. While most gymnastics sites are probably General Audience sites in nature, Lisa's site also has reciprocal links with non-gymnastics sites. In fact, we welcome the added traffic to Lisa's site that such reciprocal links provide.

We do not ask for links from and will not provide reciprocal links to obvious "adult" sites and sports gambling sites, but we can't review every site that wants to link to Gymnastics Clipart Galore or Lisa's personal pages. Please exercise your responsibility and good judgement when your children are linking to other web sites through the links on this page or any other link page on the Internet.

If you find a reciprocal link on this page to a site that you consider unsuitable for a child to view (lewd or offensive in nature), please e-mail me at info@gymclip.com. I will personally review the site concerned and remove the link on this page, if I agree with you.

Thanks for your time and concern,
Frank Hlavacek

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