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The following ordering terms and conditions apply to all of our Gymnastics products in general. Specific terms and conditions such as non-standard shipping charges may be found on individual product pages.

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Ordering Procedures

You may place your order by telephone by calling 800-778-8577 from 9AM to 6PM MST (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday. If the phone is answered "American International" (my Dad's business), you've reached the right place.

An order form can be obtained by calling, faxing, e-mailing or mailing me. The form will either be faxed to you, if you have a fax number or mailed to you, if you don't. Be sure to include your name, your phone number, your fax number (if available), e-mail address and mailing address with your request. An MS-Publisher formatted copy of the order form can also be e-mailed to you upon request. A sample order form that can be printed out on your own printer is available on our Order Form Page.

If you decide to use the order form instead of ordering by phone, please be sure to include how many you are ordering, the item number, the description, any color or size choices and the price for each item on your order.

Unless otherwise stated for a specific merchandise item or group, please add 10% to your order amount for shipping. Unless otherwise stated the minimum shipping charge is $4.95 to $5.55 for shipments weighing up to 1 pound and from $4.95 to $8.60 for shipments weighing up to 2 pounds. Books and videos are normally shipped by Media Mail. All other items are normally shipped by Priority Mail. Other shipping alternatives and overseas shipments will be quoted upon request. Payment of customs duties, if any, on foreign shipments are the responsibility of the customer. CO residents (El Paso County) please add 7.4% Sales Tax to the Merchandise Amount on your order. The rate for other parts of Colorado is 2.9%.

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Shipping by First Class International Mail to Canada and Mexico is very reasonable. Small lightweight items such as several jewelry or gymnastics pin items can be shipped for as little as $2 to $3. Slightly heavier flat items such as a t-shirts can be shipped for as little as $5 to $7. Several bulkier and heavier items can be shipped together for as little as $8 to $10. Please feel free to e-mail us or call us toll free at (800) 778-8577 from 9AM-6PM Mountain Time for an exact freight quotation.

Credit Card Logos

All items are priced in U.S dollars. For U.S. customers I accept payment by personal check and money order or by American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. If you use a credit card please be sure to include the full card #, expiration date and the 3 or 4 digit security code on the order form and sign the credit card authorization. Payment on foreign orders must be by certified bank check denominated in U.S dollars or by credit card.

An authorization number is required for all returns. All returns must be made within 21 days of shipment. Only manufacturer defects, incorrectly shipped merchandise or items damaged during shipment may be returned for 100% credit. On other returns a 20% restocking charge will apply. Items showing evidence of wear will not be accepted for return.

Privacy Policy - Personal information sent to us when placing orders such as your name, club name, personal address, club address, e-mail address, marketing information and credit information will not be shared with any outside groups or organizations. Our complete Privacy Policy including procedures on Team Registrations and unsolicited testimonials may be viewed on our Privacy Policy Page.

Let that special gymnast in your life know that you care. We are delighted when we can send a Free Personalized Gift Card on gift orders. Simply include the personal message that you would like sent with your order. Your message will be inscribed on an attractive gift card to convey your special thoughts and wishes.

Thank You

Thank you for ordering from Gymnastics Accessories Galore. I know you will be pleased with the quality and the craftsmanship of the merchandise that you have ordered. Thank you for your support.

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PS. Be sure to visit often. I will be adding to the excellent selection of books, gift items, jewelry, pins, stationery, videos and other nifty gymnastics accessories on a regular basis!

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The images in Gymnastics Clipart Galore are grouped by traditional and rhythmic gymnastics disciplines followed by trampoline images, backgrounds & icons, cartoons and miscellaneous images. You may use the menu buttons just below the Introduction to switch between the pages.

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This is where it all started. Visit 20 pages of Ice Skating Clipart Galore, 20 pages of Ice Skating Accessories Galore and 6 Pages of Ice Skating Links Galore. You can also visit my personal pages called Ice Skating In The Desert to learn about my favorite skaters, to read my not so secret diary, to discover a foreign skating terms glossary or to enjoy some poems I've composed.

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Lisa's Diary Page Comments & Credits Page Lisa's Home Page

Contact Information

Voice:   Please Call From 9AM-6PM MST
     800-778-8577 or 719-576-2789
Fax:    719-576-2790 (24 Hours Daily)

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